May 17, 2018

Open Source Permaculture

Open Source Permaculture knowledge of principles, methods, designs and community, should introduce permaculture to new comers, and help them to understand it in their current context; learn methods to analyze an their artificial or natural site, produce new specific and appropriate designs, and avoid finding themselves clueless in terms of producing an integrated operation when they get to the land; learn classic permaculture designs and apply them in their land or backyard; find generic knowledge about plants and climates, construction or energy generation.

PRI is helping to accelerate the process of ecological restoration supporting local communities with Open Source Permaculture tools.

Learning and using permaculture require specific knowledge a on permaculture analysis and design methods as well as more generic, from a variety of fields agronomy, ecology, construction, energy, etc. But mainly, permaculture specific knowledge is still shared through copyrighted books or DVDs, expensive Permaculture Design Courses (PDC), all around the world, and International Permaculture Conference, held annually. Even though, free open content is also widely available but in small quantities in myriad of small open permaculture initiatives, from permaculture pages on wikis (including Appropedia and Open Source Ecology) to blogs, websites, maps, and short videos or long documentaries (see permaculture-media-blog for a collection of both free and unfree resources). But all available open-content is unfortunately far from complete, and too much scattered, for example, web free resources require too long research hours, and cannot compete with ten top permaculture books or experience and exchange from five PDC.

Lucas Gonzalez from Canary Islands